My Flesh and Blood Shall Feed the Earth

by Beithíoch

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released November 1, 2019


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Beithíoch Ireland

Black/Death/Doom Metal from Ireland's north-west.

'Beithíoch' means 'beast'.

Beithíoch represents the instinctive and terrible in man.

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Track Name: My Flesh and Blood Shall Feed the Earth
Chill air
Heart beats slower
Strength disappears
Life fades away

Last sight of day
Flesh turns cold
Suffer in decay

Dark closes in
Mind disappears
Lose control, limbs stiffen
Gasp for breath, choke with fear

Final breath
Heart beats no more
The moment of death

Cease to exist
Sink into black

Blood turns to rust
Bones become dust

My flesh and blood shall feed the earth
Till none remains and all is dirt
That life may seed anew
And death in turn renew
Track Name: The Fury of the Sea (re-recorded)
[Rathlin Island 1575]
The waters lapped against the shore, vacant and ceaseless as ever before. Yet silently the winds carried the sails of those who brought the fury of the sea.

None could escape when the island drowned in a tide of blood. The feeble and the strong; man, woman and child: all were hunted like seal or game. The gore strewn beaches were seen from across the narrow water.

Out to sea the wind carried their cries, where they fell unheard into the ceaseless waves. Upon the cliffs across the narrow water, wailing and tearing, the lord beheld all he ever knew and loved: murdered.