Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten

by Beithíoch



"Ghosts represents a dynamic and compelling evolution in the band’s sound, even as compared to Conquest."
- No Clean Singing

"Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten lives up to its name. It is a haunting, hellish experience that seems to permeate the mind and soul."
- Metal Trenches

"Conscious experiments in counterpoint abound, at times manifesting a rustic Neapolitan aspect, at others, a cinematic ambience; in the process is cultivated a rare sensuous and intellectually-stimulating experience that does no ill favour to Beithioch‘s credentials and aspirations as a metal band worth seriously investing in."
- Old Disgruntled Bastard


released September 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Beithíoch Ireland

Black/Death/Doom Metal from Ireland's north-west.

'Beithíoch' means 'beast'.

Beithíoch represents the instinctive and terrible in man.

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Track Name: The Abyss of Time
Enter the portal of infinity
Life withers, atoms collapse
All is dwarfed by the endless nothingness
Walls of time distort and crack
Burst their barriers
Submerge reality
The past is another realm
Forever distant and unreachable
Pass beyond the event horizon
Perception shatters
Memories sink into the abyss
Lost to the ever encroaching darkness
Recollections... can this be true?
Visions... fragmenting
Mind... illusory
The past reveals itself in echoes
Like spectres emerging from the abyss of time
Track Name: Journey at First Light
When the light no longer guides and all is dim another path must be sought.
Journey toward the faintest rays of sun, through seeming endless darkness.
Treasure not comfort, but stoutness of heart and sureness of spirit.
When all hope has died and all about is barren,
Give me solitude.
Track Name: Tragic Hero
An end foretold in distant time
But no entrails, nor dream, need prophesy
To the grave all must go
Ready or not, the dead shall claim their own
The hero though embraces his death
Burning in the furious heat
Ignited by the will
An end foreseen, an end not feared
An end foreshadowed, an end embraced, an end in death
Track Name: Storm
Storm cleanse the land
Purge all that stands on weakened limbs
Succour the hardened thirsty earth
Churn the soil now thick with scum
Feed my aching roots
For my leaves are withered and no fruit do I bear
Nor does my seed spring forth from the ground
Renew me
Storm ride on clouds of tumult
Purge all that stands on weakened limbs
Track Name: The Trial of the Mountain Path
Across the hinterlands
Through valleys and vortex of snow
The jagged frozen mountain stands
Where fear turns men’s hearts to ice
And darkness stills the blood
There before the face of death
Mortal men walk with the legions of the grave
Track Name: The Hunter's Invocation
Fortune guide my arrow’s path
Let it fly swift as the kestrel
Sharp as the eagle’s talon
Sure as the rising sun
Rising this auspicious day
Give thanks to my prey, for this day it dies that I may live
Track Name: Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten
Strange inscriptions in stone
Etchings faded and indecipherable
Sculptures broken and scattered
The markings of unknown hands
Their secrets lost to time
A legacy carved into the earth
Overgrown and neglected
The voices of the past fall silent
Invisible and unheard
By a world deaf to their cries
Remembered by no one
Echoed only by their lost creations
The ghosts of a world long forgotten